Spring has come quietly, and the continuous warming has made everyone lose the winter cotton clothes and put on the refreshing and clean spring clothes. The little fairies have joined the ranks of the bargains. However, it is not easy to bargain, and it is cherished. In order to wear the right clothes, many of the girls can be racked their brains and worn out, but the clothes they find are also unsatisfactory. In the face of the girls’ frowning, I really can’t sit still! So the next small series will bring a few daily routines for the little fairies, but it is not easy to hit the shirts, helping the sisters get rid of the distress!

(1) Spring denim

Denim clothes are a very fashionable representative of any period of time, but it is synonymous with denim clothes. Especially the denim skirt is both foreign and not very rigid, so first the little red riding hat brought a tide version of the denim skirt to the little fairies.

This denim skirt has a contrasting personality, and the asymmetrical hem has a short tassel shape that is casual and sleek. The blended denim fabric is breathable and versatile. This denim skirt is easy to deal with fashion routines, making the wearer more fashionable.

(2) Spring chiffon

The feeling of chiffon is a very fashionable dress, whether it is a chiffon top or a skirt, as long as it is worn on the body will enhance the temperament. Chiffon clothes are the must-have for the little fairies.

This chiffon shirt is a looser style, and the ruffle trim on the clothes is full of personality and spirituality. The almond color is suitable for everyday travel. This chiffon shirt gives a feeling of a very aura and a princess.

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