Three days of small holiday is very suitable for MM to go out for a short trip! Let’s take a look at it today, let’s take a look at the super sweet spring dress for a holiday trip, learn about the spring dress with tips, and go for a stylish holiday!

The warm apricot knit cardigan with red and white stripes and stripes is very fresh. Wear a pair of blue denim short pants to show invincible youthful vitality! The red visor and the delicate sweet heels on the feet complement each other, making it easy to bring a sweet feeling to the holiday!

The beige white loose-knit sweater with black and white vertical stripes and small hot pants is very simple and stylish, with a light-colored visor and a bright red leather bag on the back, which adds a little girl’s sweet temperament!

The burgundy long-sleeved low-neck shirt with an English-style plaid strap skirt is elegant, retro and sexy! Bring a nice little hat and cool big sunglasses, maybe there is a surprise in front of the wonderful holiday affair waiting for you!

Light gray short-sleeved jacket with dark gray sweater is very delicate and cute, black star mini skirt to create a slim and sexy super perfect leg line! With a vintage tassel hat and black high heels in the same color, it is stylish and full of dynamic energy!

Ultra-fresh and elegant fashion print dresses are different, the chic design of the short and long style is super and highlights the personal fashion taste! With a pink fringed silk scarf, add a bit of sweet and stylish taste! Casual wide-brimmed hat and cool big sunglasses super star temperament!

Black openwork knitwear is a very popular fashion element in spring. With a dark blue polka-dot tulle skirt, it is retro and elegant and full of fashion taste! The gradation effect on the top of the head and the white horseshoe holding in the arms add a touch of color to the overall look!

Ultra-sleek and simple European and American style children’s spring fashion match, elegant white chiffon shirt with black chiffon shorts, filled with women’s sweet and light temperament! The retro-made cap on the head has a feeling of vacation and leisure. The moving hair of the micro-roll is also very fashionable and beautiful!

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